Welcome to the Tuti Szigeti Chow Chow Kennel website!

Welcome, everyone!

I am Tutor István, and my wife is Tutor Türei Babi, (a dog groomer) together, we are the owners of Tuti Szigeti kennel, located in Szigetszentmiklós, near Budapest, on Csepel Island. The kennel's name originates from the area, complemented by my nickname.
Our childhood dream came true in the fall of 2008 when we purchased our first Chow Chow dogs—three dogs of different colors (chosen purely out of love at first sight) with the idea that they would look great in the yard.
Over the years, we visited several kennels and exhibitions, getting to know the breed. Fortunately, fate brought us together with helpful "veteran breeders" to whom we owe a lot, receiving valuable advice.
The desire for breeding arose within us during this time, but somehow, we always talked ourselves out of it. After much hesitation, we decided to venture into breeding as a hobby alongside our regular jobs.
In 2017, we embarked on a great journey and founded the Tuti Szigeti Chow Chow kennel recognized by the FCI. Subsequently, we acquired our first breeding individuals from renowned foreign kennels, chosen with great care, initiating our Chow Chow breeding program.
The foundation dogs of our kennel were mostly purchased from abroad, and we further developed our kennel through these pairings. Currently, we mainly breed with our own dogs. We do not support inbreeding, so our males always come from unrelated bloodlines.
We consciously strive to produce dogs that adhere to the FCI standard—healthy, high-quality, with good temperament, well-socialized, possessing excellent qualities in both appearance and character.
Additional principles of our kennel include maintaining a connection with the dogs that have left us, allowing us to follow their development and provide assistance if needed. The best proof of our breeding work is the dogs that have found new homes (see our reference page).
Currently, dogs from our kennel live in Europe and other continents. We regularly participate in national and international dog shows, achieving excellent results. Based on these achievements, in April 2022, the FCI awarded our kennel
the title of Bronze Laurel Master Breeder.
In 2022, several of our breeding dogs received special awards, and our kennel also secured the third place in the Breeding Grand Prize.
To achieve our goals, we provide the best possible nutrition for our dogs to support their development and the formation of a healthy immune system. We work in collaboration with Royal Canin to ensure that every puppy receives the most suitable food for them.
If you are ready for this responsible task and feel that a new furry family member is what you need, click on the 'Puppies' button, where you can see the adorable puppies waiting for their new homes. We are the only Chow Chow kennel in the country where every breeding dog is an award-winning one (see results page and the Tutiszigeti YouTube channel).
We warmly welcome everyone to our kennel to meet our dogs, and feel free to ask any questions (you can also ask questions in our Facebook group).

Thank you for reading our introduction, and we look forward to welcoming you to our kennel.

Best regards, Tutor István and Babi

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