Tuti Szigeti Chow Chow Kennel: Home
Welcome to the Tuti Szigeti Chow Chow Kennel website!
My name is István Tutor and my partner Baby and We live in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary.
In 2009 we started to keep chow-chows as a hobby and we started to get to know the breed. They became a big part of our lives.
In 2017 we bought our dog called Ella from Romania from the Legend chow kennel, in this year we founded the Tuti Szigeti kennel at FCI and we started to attend dog exhibitions.
In 2018 we got our male dog called Art Kot Tsubi from Russia he is from the Art Kot kennel, we went to many exhibitions and he achieved great titles.
In 2019 as a new family member we got our cream colored female dog called Balcsi Díva from the Balcsi kennel which is located in Hungary. We attended exhibitions with her too and she achieved great titles too.
We got a taste from the exhibitions and we would like to continue attending them, so we are always looking for EXTRA quality dogs, that are suitable for exhibitions and breeding.
Thank you for visiting our page and if you have any questions please ask us with.

Sincerely, István and Baby